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SCUBA DIVE on a numerous amount of dive sites which have a huge diversity in their underwater fauna and flora, both day and night.

Visibility: from 5 to 30 meters. In general, the visibility is less good in the rainy season and improves from April to become better until the end of December. However, it can change very quickly throughout the year depending on weather conditions and tides.

Water temperature: 28 to 30°C in summer (October to April) and 24 to 26°C in winter (June to September).

Currents: from no current to a strong current, depending on the tides and the sort or dive that we will to be doing.

All our dives are planned according to the divers' level, the strenght and direction of the current, and according to the wishes of the divers.

Equipements Aqualung complets.
  • Aqualung
  • Aluminium tanks 12 Litres, DIN or A-clamp / international system
  • Nitrox – currently only available when doing the Nitrox Specialty Course.
  • BAUER compressor 12 m3/h and a COLTRI compressor 16 m3/h
  • Boat XMC 24 Comacat, 7.5 m, motor: 1 Yamaha 85 HP engine. It can take 8 divers.
  • GPS, oxygen therapy, first-aid kit, means of communication.
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