Trips to the islands of the Nosy Be Archipelago in Madagascar. Trip to Nosy Fanihi and the unspoiled Nosy Sakatia islands. Trip to visit NOSY KOMBA island with its lemurs and giant turtles. Trip to visit NOSY TANIKELY to see lemurs and chameleons and trip to the beautiful NOSY IRANJA island.


It´s a wonderful lonely island with a beautiful white beach where you can find coral´s pieces and shells. Royal eagles and a group of guils are the island´s guardians.
It´s a quite place, with charming sea and white sand, an unforgettable landscape in the tropical nature.


Nosy Sakatia is an uncontamined island, far from the tourism, near to the heart of Madagascar people.All around there are little bays with ferns and orchids, big beaches where the turtles depose the eggs, pineapple´s plantations and beautiful landscapes painted into the rocks.
A daily excursion may you discover Nosy Fanihi and Nosy Sakatia with snorkeling explicated by a professional guide and lunch to the local fishers´house.
A half day excursion during the afternon let you know the Nosy Sakatia´s sea with a snorkeling trip explicated by a professional guide.



Nosy Komba is a green island far 7 Km from Hell Ville. Famous for the lemurs that live in the local forest (they give the ancian name to the island) in the pasrt its name was Ambariovato.On the island it´s easy to find lots of artigiansthat make beautiful objects like for example clothes, statues, ceramics and souvenir made in wood.



Nosy Tanikely, today a natural reserve, covered by a great tropical luxuriant vegatation has a beautiful and clear sea. It´s the right place for all the lovers of diving and snorkeling. Wonderful reef goes all around the island that is good protected from the local autority.


Well known as "turtle island", it´s a jewel that comes out of the blue sea. It´s make of two beautiful little islands: Nosy Iranja Be of around 200 hectares and Nosy Iranja Kely the little one, about 13 hectares. They are attached together by a long strip of white sand, where it´possible to find pieces of red coral, shells and little woods modeled by the sea action and trsported with the tides.
The reef around Nosy Iranja is very rich and it´s full of underwater creatures tipycal of the Moyambic Canal.
The turtles come here to depose the eggs during the night with the tall tide. Sometimes it´s possible to see the birth of the little turtles with their diperate run to the sea. The sea around the island will surprise you for the incredible color that starts from the blu to the green and for the extreme clearness of the water.

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