Dive school and centre for experienced divers in Nosy Be in Madagascar. Madaplouf Diving Centre issues CMAS, PADI certifications through open water to Divemaster. Madaplouf diving is a dive school in Madagascar, Nosy Be.


We usually leave around 8 o'clock in the morning for 2 tank dives. We are back between 12.30 and 1.30 AM. Because of the wind starting to blow from noon, afternoons are usually reserved for Discover Scuba programs or dive courses, and occasionally for exploration dives in the canal between Nosy Be and the island of Sakatia which is a well protected area.

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We then reach the dive sites after 5 to 40 minutes boat ride. According to the season, it is frequent to meet dolphins, whales or whale-sharks. We always stop to watch them and even propose the divers to safely swim with them if they want.

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During the pause, between the 2 dives, in the shadow of the boat roof, we offer a snack and fresh water. When we come back to the center, we propose our divers to rest on the armchairs under the shadow of the thatch hut and fill in their dive logs using our library of books on local underwater fauna and flora. PADI or CMAS course books are also available for any help.
The divers can then use the tiled shower, toilets, wash basin and changing room..


In Nosy Be, we do no-deco-stop dives as the nearest hyperbaric chamber is located in Réunion Island. However a safety stop is always done.
- Dive sites : depth from 5 to 40 m, reefs, walls, wrecks, arches... Possibility of night dives.
- Underwater fauna : in addition to usual coral reef fishes (parrot fishes, surgeon fishes, butterfly fishes, wrasses, damsel fishes, trigger fishes, barracudas, trevallies, groupers, bat fishes,...), it is possible to observe turtles, mantas, whale-sharks (May and November), whales (August to October), small reef sharks and dolphins all year round. Corals are colourful, abundant and in very good conditions ; they can be seen on every dive sites. Some fan corals (gorgonians) reach 2 to 3 meter diameter...

- Visibility : from 5 to 30 m. Generally visibility is poor at the rain season and becomes better in April to end very good from June to December. However, it can vary quickly throughout the year due to weather and tide conditions.
- Water temperature : from 28 to 30°C during the austral summer and from 24 to 26°C in winter, whatever the depth.
- Currents: strong or none according to the tides.
- Entering the water : back roll or putting the scuba unit on directly in the water according to the current. A ladder is at your disposal to come out of the water.
Dives are planified according to the level of divers, intensity and direction of the current.


Complete Aqualung gears.
- 4, 6, 12 (short and long) and 15 litres steel tanks, single or dual valve DIN or yoke
- Adapted children gear
- Nitrox gear for course only
- BAUER 12 m3/h compressor - COLTRI 16 m3/h compressor
- Boat : XMC 24 Comacat, 7,5 m, 85 CV Yamaha engine, equipped for 8 divers
- Wooden boat : 5,5 m, 25 CV Yamaha engine, equipped for 3 divers, used for courses and dives near the center
- Water depthmeter, GPS, oxygen kit, first aid kit



      - MSDT e Moniteur EFR PADI - Moniteur CMAS**- Open Water Instructor WASI/NASE

      -Divemaster PADI

      - Pubbliche Relazioni

      - Denis et Baba : Vigie and portage

    - Esolosoa, Faranandro and Emilosoa
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BP 421 - Nosy Be 207

Phone : (00 261 20) 86 938 65
Gsm : (00 261) 33 14 248 33
Gsm : (00 261) 33 02 096 13

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